9.9 Festival + Ceremonies

Starting from 17th until 25th October (1st to 9th day of 9th lunar month) we will do a daily ceremony at Yu Zhen Guan Dao Temple to honour the Jiu Huang (Nine Emperors) of the Bei Dou (North Dipper) and Dou Mu.

Ceremonies include:

– daily honouring Rituals

– Nine days of Scripture recitation and holy Light offering

– Burning 24 talisman of expelling evil, harm and disasters

– Offering of holy Registers for participants

– Drawing Talisman for protection

-Blessing Rituals (Kai Guang)

For inquiries and how to register please contact us via email to info@wu-dang-pai.de

Registration fee is 33.33€ can be paid via Paypal gongde@deutsche-daoistische-vereinigung.de

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