Study-Program Students Feedback 1

In this series we will publish feedbacks from students of the Daoist Ceremony Study Program and the Online Courses.

Mr. O.S. writes:

 I want to tell about my experience with learning morning scriptures with Master Liu.

This is learning with real Taoist Master, he can change your life with only one word, He Takes care about every student it’s not like regular course it’s real ancient Way but in our day ! Knowledge what I have now I tryed to find 15 years, nobody gives this real Taoist practice before on the west, only Master Liu. This knowledge like ocean you can see where it starts but don’t see end! And Master Liu know this all and give it you, by his true heart to you’re heart ! Now I can understand what real Taoist practiced in China, what doing ancestors Taoist Master in ancient time . Master Liu step by step takes all this knowledge  in China temple with real Masters and now    Leads us, his students. I have very deep experience and change, but its only ferst step on this way… Thank You…

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