Study-Program Students Feedback 2

In this series we will publish feedbacks from students of the Daoist Ceremony Study Program and the Online Courses.

Mrs. G. wrote us:

Review of The Morning Prayers and Liturgy Class by Shifu Liu

I admit, I’m a Cloud Wanderer.  I’ve spent a great deal of time and, I’ll admit, money, paying for classes and lessons from teachers with less than stellar qualifications and experience due to my own naivety.  

However, just within the last ten years, I’ve had the opportunity to study with 3 well-known groups in the Western world and to put it bluntly only one has stood out as a real teacher and practitioner of Daoism with a distinct lineage, and that is Shifu Liu.  He is the only one with a true understanding and knowledge of the foundations and content within Daoism.  Others tend to over intellectualize or combine thoughts from a myriad of teachers into an amalgamation of content, which may or may not work due to the different lineages and mis-interpretations.  However, the class I took with Shifu Liu (which was the Morning Prayers and Liturgy) was taught in great detail and with a lot of patience.  Some may refer to this method as Performance Art, but that is coming from a lack of understanding as the Rituals are based on sounds, tones, and rhythm.  Learning the Scriptures along with the Prayers can be very time consuming, but it is worthwhile especially with Shifu Liu’s methods of teaching.  He teaches from the heart and bases it upon his own experiences.  He explains the how, the why and the content in great detail.  For those of you interested in learning real Daoism, it is apparent that this is not being taught anywhere else in the Western world.  Consequently, it is a great opportunity for those who truly wish to learn from a REAL Daoist Monk and Teacher and  I strongly recommend his classes. I, for one, will be continuing my classes and studies with Shifu Liu as long as he will let me.  Thank you.

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