Daoist Magic oder Daoistische Heilung – Wirkt das wirklich? – Feedback – Teil 4

Teil 4 der Blog-Serie, in der wir zum ersten Mal einige Geschichten und Rückmeldungen von Menschen veröffentlichen, die durch Meister Liu mit TDH Traditionelle Daoistischen Heilmethoden und daoistischer Magie und spirituellen Fähigkeiten bewahrt oder geheilt wurden.

From a conversation between Dr. Raina (doctor of western and chinese medicine living in USA) and Patrick Liu, who treated her with TDH (Traditional Daoist Healingmethods).

„I have the little bit liver qi stagnation spleen qi deficiency – i had an infection for some time, now that’s finished but the work is very hard on the farm in the autumn, so is my own fault – overwork not resting to recover properly. but put the thunder on it !! then it will all well “

Master Liu made a distance healing treatment and a daoist healing ritual where he uses Shen Qi and Fu Talisman to heal the patients. When he did that, the patient said the following:

„That time (Master Liu did the treatment) you woke me up, but it felt like some sort of giant rock got removed. like a really big giant boulder kind of rock. i feel very relaxed right now. like it was a great change that happened. today i will rest and take it easy. thank you so very much !! „

„i don’t know what you did. i get up to feed the animals and let chickens come outside from their house. then i went to sleep again, now i am awake only now at noon time (i never do that!), the day is bright and i feel fantastic. it only hurts a little bit at under my shoulder blade where it felt like that big rock was coming out of it. but not serious pain, just a little bit. 奇怪的神奇“

This is what she wrote online about the experience:

„I had big dental surgery in Sept due to allergy to dental implant, plus also they were infections. I went straight from that to doing firewood for 4 people including the old people who can’t do their own firewood, plus farm projects required before winter. VERY OVERWORK and didn’t take time to recover first. By yesterday, I was very exhausted, spleen qi deficiency and qi stagnation, plus every single muscle pain. Reduced to mental toughness only by yesterday, nothing else left! So I tried the Daoist Medicine from Liu Shifu from the Wudang Temple Germany. Liu Shifu addressed my case immediately. From distance, he performed a healing ritual and ling qi treatment. He is very attentive, he checked my bazi to ensure no issues and also was continuously ready to keep working my case until results were achieved. From the first ritual I felt totally and completely relaxed. I slept a long time, until noon today, and I feel fantastic – really very deeply relaxed and light like a leaf, even at a soul level. I feel vibrant, is the only way I can describe it. It’s a really amazing experience. I can only say as a farmer who sometimes is also a doctor that I’ve been doing this wrong for a long time. Now i have to give up that and go learn to do this way instead. Daoist Medicine from a very skillful practitioner trumps my brutal practical way hands down – it’s way more elegant. Means i have to go work more hard. If you interested in healing or just very deep level relaxation, plus an extremely cool experience.“

TDH (Traditional Daoist Healingmethods can help patients even from a far distance, even when the doctors can´t help or don´t know what the problem is. The patient doesn´t need to believe in Daoism or in spiritual healing practice, but only believe in their own experiences.

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